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A Vision and a Plan for a Better Lauderhill

Lauderhill is my home, and I love this city for its beauty, its diversity, and its strong sense of community. But like many of my fellow residents, I see the widening gap between our city as it is today and the city it has the potential to become.

We need new leadership with a positive vision of what our city can be. More than a vision, however, we need a plan on how to get there and we need leaders with a proven record of delivering tangible results.

I have that record, and I can deliver those results for Lauderhill. I’m a small business owner who has devoted my entire career to community engagement and activism. I have brought government agencies, community groups, and small businesses together to promote economic stimulus, health and wellness, and quality of life issues throughout South Florida and right here in Lauderhill.

Together We Can Build A Better Lauderhill Where:

  • Mothers feel safe allowing their children to play outside

  • Every resident feels safe walking through all neighborhoods

  • Small business have access to capital

  • Every third grader reads at or above grade level

  • Every resident has access to healthy food and green spaces

My Top 3 Priorities

The Economy

Too many of our residents are struggling to bridge the gap between the economy they experience every day and the booming economy we hear about on TV. Lauderhill’s unemployment is more than three times the national rate. We need to support our local small businesses and give them greater access to capital so they can grow and create more jobs in our neighborhoods.


We can’t be satisfied any more saying education is the responsibility of the country or the state. Less than ¼ of Lauderhill students graduate on time. Fewer than 1 in 10 third-graders reading at grade level. These are our children. This is our responsibility. We need bold new ideas on how to improve education in our city.

Healthcare and Wellness

No one should lack access to healthy, nutritious food. No one should lack access to safe and well-maintained parks and recreation areas. As much as we need to feel physically and economically secure in our city, we also need to feel pride in it. Green spaces are vital to the physical and mental health of a community. We need to ensure that every resident can enjoy, benefit from, and take pride in their city’s natural beauty.

Join our campaign and add your voice to the voices of change.


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